This query page is designed to help you to test SPARQL protocol endpoint.

SPARQL Query examples

Observations values and weather station names for interval 2011-08-27T10:10:00Z
	PREFIX xsd:	 <>
	PREFIX ssn:	 <>
	PREFIX aemet:	 <>
	PREFIX w3ctime:<>
	PREFIX geo:	 <>

	SELECT distinct ?name ?prop ?value 
		?station geo:location <> .
		?station aemet:stationName ?name .
		?obs ssn:observedBy ?station .
		?obs ssn:observedProperty ?prop .
		?obs aemet:valueOfObservedData ?value .
		?obs aemet:observedInInterval ?inter .
		?inter w3ctime:hasBeginning ?instant .
		?instant w3ctime:inXSDDateTime "2011-08-27T10:10:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime
	} LIMIT 100


Further information about SPARQL Query Language for RDF